The mission of this program is to train specialists in the field, in conformity with the requirements of Romania’s integration to the European Union, the changes that arise in the real economy, on the domestic market and inside a globalized frame.

The specialized competences gained by the graduates after obtaining the Bachelor’s degree are:

  • Knowing, understanding and using basic concepts, theories, principles and methods of investigation and prospecting specific to tourism and trade;
  • Assimilating and deepening strictly specialized knowledge such as: tourism and service management, the strategy of sustainable development of services, agritourist, logistics of trade and tourism companies, the organization and strategy of developing touristic units;
  • Knowing, understanding and applying methods and techniques of evaluating and certifying the quality of products and services;
  • Training the capacity to develop opportunity studies in the economic environment context for the foundation of public policies in the field of trade, tourism and services;
  • Knowing, understanding and applying the principles that are specific to managing the quality of an organization/system level and of economic process;
  • The foundation from a commercial and qualitative point of view of design, of launching new products and services on the market.

Studied subjects:Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economical informatics, International marketing, Business law, Service economy, European economy, Tourism economy, Trade economy, Logistics and goods distribution and European affair environment.

The study curriculum includes stages of specializing practice during the second year of study, 3 weeks, and summing 90 hours at the end of the second semester.

Possible carrier paths:

  • Economist in public institutions, in national and international companies;
  • Commercial manager;
  • Commercial inspector;
  • Inspector for assuring the quality in trade, tourism and services;
  • Hotel administrator;
  • Administrator in cafeterias, restaurants and pensions;
  • Tourism agent, ticketing agent in tourism agencies.

Registration for the admission contest is solely based on the undergraduate diploma and on the requirements established by the university’s senate on the base of its own rules.


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