Teaching mobility programmes for faculties.
The programme of a mobility project differs from one field to another and, according to this, may include training or placements courses, teaching activities, internships or volunteer periods, youth exchange, job shadowing.

General eligibility criteria for the Erasmus and EEA teaching mobility:
a. Those who may participate in the selection: tenured teachers within "Danubius" University engaged in teaching, seminar or laboratory activities.
b. Those who may participate in the selection: all faculties within "Danubius" University, regardless of the degree / teaching position, namely: assistants PhD or PhD students, lecturers PhD or PhD students, associate professors PhD, professors PhD;
c. The faculties must be Romanian citizens, citizens from the countries participating in the Erasmus + / EEA or citizens of other countries. The applicants must be permanent employees of University "Danubius"
d. Knowing a foreign language (the foreign language required for the desired mobility: English, French, Italian etc.).

The documents that candidates must submit in the file are:
an Updated C.V. (in English and Romanian).
The letter of motivation (in English and Romanian) that must contain the argumentation of the importance of the intended work plan for the institutional development requirements of "Danubius" University.

Teaching programme, for teaching mobility, a document that must contain a plan of the activities to be carried out by the applicant during the mobility period.
Recommendation from the faculty department.

Applicants may choose a single host university, so each applicant may file only one Teaching Programme.

The criteria according to which the selection of the faculties will be made are as follows (maximum 40 points):

C.V.: maximum 5 points (for maximum rating the following elements will be considered: specialized training, honors / awards, membership in professional organizations, professional / scientific organizations / companies etc.) - 10% of the total score;

Letter of motivation: maximum 10 points (for maximum rating, the importance of the applicant's activity plan for institutional development requirement of "Danubius" University, will be considered) - 20% of the total score.

Teaching programme: maximum 25 points (for maximum rating, the relevance of the following issues will be considered: the mobility objectives, the expected results, the activities to be carried out during the mobility, the mobility benefits for the applicant and the university) - 50% of the total score.

Additional priority points:

Applicable priority for Erasmus and EEA: Applicants who have not benefited from Erasmus or EEA grants during the previous years will receive 10 more points.
Applicable priority for EEA Programme: According to the EEA Applicant Guidebook, applicants that fall into the following categories will receive 8 more points: applicants up to 35 years, Roma applicants and applicants with special needs.


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