"Danubius" University sports facility, made up of multifunctional courts for volley, basketball, tennis and minifootball, made of poured polyurethane and with a lighting installation, a running track of liquid tartan and a gym properly fitted for the students'physical education, is the generous host of teaching activities as well as sports competitions that involve faculty teams and an impressive number of supporters cheering for their colleagues.

As a future plan, an olympic sports facility, unique in Galaţi, will be added to Danubius University heritage, institution involved not only in mass sports, but also in high performance.

We regularly organize championships that involve teams made up of the university's students, highschool students and even professionals from the Phoenix Club Galaţi. We have a partnership with this club, they even accepted the name of "Danubius" and their attendance in university competitions is already a fact. Street Ball Grandtour Championship is a god example in this regard.






At the last level of the University’s main building, there is a cafeteria that has been working since the inauguration of the headquarters, situated at the meeting point between the Siret and the Danube. The cafeteria offers fast-food services for students, teaching staff and other members of the danubian academic area. In a proper ambiance (enclosed space and terrace), students and professors socialize and communicate informally, setting the coordinates of a good integration in their future professions. The sober and elevated atmosphere of the ambiance, respected by those asking for food services, is a model for the decent frequenting of such places that stimulates interpersonal communication and promotes the spirit and the culture of the community.

A direct access bridge will connect the hotel building to the classrooms, thus facilitating mobility without mandatory exit through the campus yard.
The inauguration, estimated at the beginning of the university year 2014 – 2015 will be the right opportunity for the campus image to gain the necessary shape for quality higher education.




Residence Hall


Within the Danubius campus, an ultramodern bulding has risen, that dominates the area's

commercial center. The students' residence hall, with executive service flat, catches the eye through

its slenderness and through the harmonious way in which it merges with the university's


Built according to the latest technical and architectural strictness, the residence hall also stands out

through its modern amenities, present in every room (furniture, decorations and communications)

which will facilitate, for its future tenants, the exploitation of the world wide web.

A direct walkway will link the residence hall with the classrooms, thus facilitating a freedom of

movement without mandatory exiting through the campus's courtyard.

The inauguration, estimated for the beginning of the academic year 2014 - 2015, will be a

welcomed positive change for the campus, as it will underline a quality and efficient higher-

education institution.


editura danubius

In a unique space and in a printing environment of performance and creativity, the Danubius University Press (EUD)/Editura Universitară Danubius conducts its daily activity in order to highlight the scientific research by dissipating the results, with 9 specialized journals (Danubius Journals & Danubius Proceedings), published books and partnerships with prestigious national and international publishing houses being working tools available to the academic community of the Danubius University.

The EUD has focused on providing courses for the daily, distance and part time learning, publishing journals of the Danubius University, processing them so as to meet the most demanding editorial standards, collaboration with foreign authors in the order to disseminate the university's publications and events.

Danubius University Press (EUD)/Editura Universitară Danubius is recognized by the National Council of Research in Higher Education, code 111/2006.



Editor in Chief: Daniela Monica Robu
Tel: +40.372.361.140
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Editor: Geanina Bounegru
Tel: +40.372.361.141
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Data entry, validation and processing operator: Andrei Tatulici
Tel: +40.372.361.141
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Andrei Tatulici



Biblioteca UDG

"Danubius" University library, fundamental part of the academic offer, satisfies, through its ambiance and equipment, the need for knowledge and professional training of the future specialists of the national and European economy. With a collection of more than 40 000 volumes, made up of collections of scientific magazines and with unlimited access to databases and virtual libraries, our library is a precious aid for the future specialists in legal sciences, economy, international relations, administration and communication; the teaching staff also finds here the main source for the latest scientific information.

The library's offer is not limited to the existing specializations, the books and publications acquisition also has an encyclopedic purpose. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, history books as well as other general works are at the disposal of the members of the academic community in order to avoid training that is limited to the field of study. The openness of the training activity toward connected fields and toward general culture highlights the specialist's personality, whether he is a student or a member of the teaching staff. The 12 hour's daily programme is an essential part of the education activity in the academic offer.

Modernity has imposed an organization of the book collections that has a special focus on the latest acquisitions in each science field studied through the curriculum. The offer also contains the books of "Danubius" professors, the courses for each studied discipline, the main titles in each field, including an old book collection that has been donated; everything is accessible through the online informatics system, so that no question remains unanswered when a reader enters our library.



Director: Gabriela Gaman
Tel: +40.372.361.145

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Bibliotecar: Nicolae Paun
Tel: +40.372.361.145

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nicolae   biblioteca


8.00 - 18.00

In timpul perioadelor de vacanta:

8.00 - 16.00


Chief Secretary: Anca Alexandra Dodan
Tel: +40.372.361.207


Chief Secretary: Viorica - Veronica Serea
Tel: +40.372.361.217


Chief Secretary: Daniela Tănase
Tel: +40.372.361.227

Rector's Office

Senior Assistant to the Rector:
Mihai Ana-Iuliana
Information for Students: +40.372.361.251
Inter-Institutional Relations: +40.372.361.102
Fax: +40.372.361.290