1. For Romanian citizens and the citizens of the Member States of the European Union, of the States pertaining to the European Economic Space and those of the Swiss Confederation:

-Baccalaureate diploma in original or a certificate attesting that the baccalaureate was passed in 2015;

-The applicants that are enrolled in a second specialization must attach to their admission folder a legalized copy of the baccalaureate diploma, accompanied by a student certificate stating that the original baccalaureate diploma is in the folder of their first faculty;

-High school transcript, in original or legalized copy (starting with the class of 2002);

- Copy of the applicant’s B.A. diploma and the annexes for graduates who attend a second


-Birth certificate in legalized copy;

-Documents certifying the name change in copy (i.e. marriage certificate, etc)

- Identity card (copy);

-Medical script, certifying that the student is apt for college enrollment;

-Documents certifying that the student falls into the category of disabled people (if applicable).

-Receipt of the registration fee payment

-3 pictures 3x4 cm in an envelope

-Envelope folder

The following forms may be found at the secretariat and personally filled in by the applicants:

- Standardized application form

-Deposition through which the admitted candidate in July session undertake to bring the original baccalaureate diploma until the 20nd of August 2015 and the candidates that have been admitted in September session, within 72 hours after the admission results have been made available (if applicable) .

The citizens of the Member States of the European Union, of the States pertaining to the European Economic Space and those of the Swiss Confederation will also present the following documents at the enrollment to the admission exam:

-Certificate of recognition of studies issued by the specialty department within the Ministry of

Education and Scientific Research before the candidates enrollment in the admission examination

- Legalized translations of all documents 

You can find more details in the attached methodology.

2. For Romanians and Romanian citizens living abroad

-  An application form for the examination,

- The documents provided in one of the annexes below:

- The documents for the registration file (Republic of Moldova)

- The documents for the registration file CPL (Balkans and Diaspora)

3. For foreign citizens from third member states of the E.U.

 Application for the issuing of the studies acceptance letter , according to the Methodology

for receiving foreign citizen from EU third States for the purpose of schooling and

enrollment for studies in Romanian public and private accredited education, filled out in

every fields, in duplicate;   

  • Baccalaureate diploma or its equivalent - copy and legalized translation - the study certificate that allows access for the given person to that form of study - copy and legalized translation
  • Academic transcript - copy and legalized translation - associated to the carried out studies;
  • Birth certificate - copy and legalized translation;
  • Documents certifying the name change, in copy and legalized translation (i.e. marriage certificate, etc)
  • Copy of the passport - effectual at least 6 months after the date from which the study letter of acceptance is issued;
  • Medical certificate (in an international language) stating that the person to enroll in studies does not suffer from contagious diseases or other illnesses incompatible with the future profession;
  • Receipt of the registration fee payment;
  • 3 pictures 3x4 cm in an envelope;
  • Standardized application form;
  • A self-addressed envelope with the exact home address (last name, first name, city, street, number, postal code, country);
  • Envelope folder;

The candidates shall transmit the folders directly to "Danubius" University of Galati, which willevalu ate them and will communicate the list of the persons selected for issuing the acceptance letter to the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research - General Department of International and European Relations. This list will be obligatorily accompanied by a copy of the applications for the issuing of the studies acceptance letter, filled in by the applicants. The General Department of International and European Relations will issue the Letter of Acceptance which will be forwarded to the university.   At registration, candidates will submit the documents from the application folder, in original, being authenticated by the Romanian Embassy from the issuing country or apostilled by Hague if the previous studies have not been carried out in Romania, in a country within the European Union or in accordance with the legal assistance agreements concluded by Romania with third E.U. countries.