Faculty of Economics

Field of study: Business administration

Form of education- full time learning (accredited)

Duration of study - 4 semesters (2 years)

Credits: 120

Number of places: 50

The program will provide an increased number of specialists in the field of Business Administration, of the Human Resources entrepreneurship with current circumstances, which establish that every business that is developing should provide optimal solutions to increase competitiveness, especially in the area of trade and tourism.

As such, the program aims to train highly qualified specialists able to provide optimal solutions based on the analysis of qualitative and quantitative financial and economic phenomena that occur in the field of business.

The professional competencies that the students will acquire after the graduation of this program are:

  • Carrying out activities in tourism, trade and services

  • Carrying out accurate and real-time specific activities within an organization of trade, tourism and services

  • Marketing of products / services

  • Timely and effective participation in the achievement of a phase from the chain of activities of marketing and provision of services

  • Managing customer - supplier relationships

  • The development of a substantiation work of granting of assistance to a company in the field of trade, tourism and services

  • Managing and allotting financial and material resources

  • Drafting of a substantiation study on the material or financial resources needed for a project specific to the field of trade, tourism, services

  • Ensuring the quality of performances in trade, tourism and services

  • Carrying out of an applied study on the implementation of quality assurance systems within a trade, tourism or touristic services organization

  • Assistance in the management of human resources

  • Drafting an analysis concerning the necessity of human resources within an institution in the field of business management

The transversal competencies that the students will acquire after the graduation of this program are:

  • Applying the principles, norms and values of professional ethics within its own strict, efficient and responsible work strategy

  • Identifying the roles and responsibilities in a multi specialized team and applying the relationships techniques and effective work within the team.

  • Identifying the training opportunities and effective capitalization of resources and learning techniques for their own development

Among the studied subjects within this program we include: Business Management in commerce and tourism, International markets, Business and entrepreneurship in trade and tourism, Commercial and tourist transactions, Mathematical modeling of trade and tourism management activities.

Within the curricula specialized internships have been included during the Ist academic years for 3 weeks, totaling 90 hours, at the end of the second semester The internship takes place in public and private commercial companies, institutions, etc. in accord with agreements concluded between them and the university, documents which state: the target of practice, the place and time-frame of practice, the manner of organization and guidance, those responsible etc. The evaluation of this work is done by oral examination, based on the theme of the discipline sheet.

The faculty has its own specialized laboratories (I.T. labs, multimedia) with proper equipment for all disciplines who have scheduled such activities, with license for all necessary software, which enable the carrying out of the disciplines in the curriculum under optimal conditions.

The Library of the University respectively that of the faculty is equipped with lecture halls and its own book collection according to the disciplines provided in the curricula, on university study cycles, the needed resources for carrying out the activity being provided in the income and expenditure budgets.  Furthermore, within the library, students receive free online access for all the national and international databases.

Possible career paths

The curriculum empowers our graduates to be able to follow the ensuing career paths:

  • Head of tourism agency or office;

  • adviser/ expert/ inspector/ referent/ economist in commerce,

  • Manager of tourism agency;

  • Manager in tourism activity;

  • planner of tourism activities;

  • small enterprise manager;

  • businessman in trade, services and tourism;

  • head of trade office;

  • tourism analyst;

  • tour operator tourism agent ;

  • travel agent;

  • planner in service providing;

  • economist; assisstant researcher;

  • economic researcher;

  • adviser / expert/ inspector/ referent/ economist in trade, services and tourism.

Admission is carried out according to own methodology that can be found in the admision section.