Faculty of Economics

50% discount for the tuition fee - 1 YEAR (for Danubius University graduates of bachelor programs)

Name of the Master: Business Administration in Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Field: Business Administration

No. of seats: 50

Form of education: daily course



  1. In-depth knowledge of the field of tourism specialization and within it, of the theoretical, methodological and practical development of the business administration in the hospitality industry;
  2. Planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling tourism activity and in the hospitality industry;
  3. Integrated use of the conceptual and methodological apparatus under incomplete information conditions to solve new theoretical and practical problems;
  4. Tangible and relevant use of criteria and assessment methods to formulate value judgments and build constructive decisions in tourism business and the hospitality industry;
  5. Developing professional and/ or research projects, using innovatively a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods;
  6. Performing some complex professional tasks, in terms of autonomy and professional independence;
  7. Assuming roles/ leadership positions for the activity of professional groups or of some institutions in the field of tourism and the hospitality industry;
  8. Self-control of the learning process, diagnosis of training needs, reflexive analysis of their own professional activity.

Career opportunities - manager in tourism activity; general director in hospice activity, director of small enterprises in tourism, hospice activity, food and leisure activities; specialists with administrative and commercial functions; hotel manager, travel agency manager, travel office manager; commercial director in the hospitality industry, tourist board director, inspector for quality insurance in commerce, tourism, tourism and hospitality industry analyst, counselor/ expert/ inspector/ referent/ economist in tourism and hospitality industry, manager of commercial company in the hospitality industry, travel product manager

Admission is carried out according to the methodology that can be found in Section Admission.