Faculty of Law

Master Studies

Field of study: Law
Form of education- Part Time Education (accredited)
Duration of study - 3 semesters (1,5 years)
Credits: 90
Number of places: 50

The mission of the "Danubius" University of Galati, to provide education and research at a high standard of quality in national and European context, is also achieved through the program of study European Union Law.

This program of study has as a mission the replenishing of legal training acquired throughout the B.A. programs with complementary training in the legal field, offering the M.A. students a great opportunity to study European law in an interdisciplinary context of law, politics and philosophy by deepening the principles, policies and rules underlying a legal system still in the process of evolving.
The integration of Romania into the European Union makes the education of specialists in European law imperative and "Danubius" University provides, in this respect, an efficient developed and perfected education, by a complex research activity, according to the requirements and the means provided by a modern and continuously changing informational society.
The program has the following general objectives:
- promoting an effective quality management in teaching and research, emphasizing the creative role of legal education achieved by the "Danubius" University of Galati;
- integrating the spirit that underlines the intense process of lawmaking in Romania into the content of teaching activities as well as the content of new legislation, derived from the modernization of the Romanian society and the status gained by our country as a member of the European Union;
- the development of respect for European values and institutional traditions of a free society;
- developing the capacity / competence of students to use the intellectual tools acquired in carrying out personal analysis of phenomena and processes from the given field;
- strengthening and diversifying the teaching and scientific cooperation relations, integration into national and international academic networks on performance and complementarily criteria;
- initiating and supporting of effective scientific research programs by working with competitive partners, as well as participating in national and international competitions in order to award research projects;
- stimulating the interdisciplinary research in line with national research priorities;
- training students in scientific research activities in order for them to acquire superior skills of independent research and the ability to apply the results of the research in specific situations of the institutional environment;
- encouraging diversity and access to multiple opportunities in the labor market for graduates by providing appropriate training;
- developing partnerships with public institutions, in order to permanently adjust the educational offer to the labor market's requirements and to improve the professional training of students.
The specific objectives of this study program aim to:
- the training of future PhDs who want an academic or research career;
- the training and development of human resources, highly qualified in the field of law, in relation to the requirements of Romania's integration into the European Union by increasing the quality of teaching, the development of knowledge, extensive knowledge, flexibility, developing and improving the knowledge acquired during basic university studies;
- the acquisition of skills in basic and applied research;
- creating interdisciplinary research skills;
- training qualified human resources in the field of European law and European policies;
- the opportunity of this M.A.'s graduates to be hired within European institutional structures;
- introduction in the ongoing practice of international commercial contracts through greater knowledge of European law;
- knowledge of European quality products and services concerning the integration into the European Union;
- knowledge of the stage of development and harmonization of national standard systems in accordance with the requirements of the European and international standardization bodies;
- to introduce students in attracting European financial resources and promoting participation in the international exchange of values.
Among studied subjects under this program we include:
1. Recognition and enforcement of court orders within the European Legal Area
2. Procedural Law of the European Union
3. The employment contract in comparative law
4. European Judicial cooperation in the matters of civil procedure
The faculty has its own specialized laboratories (I.T. labs, multimedia) with proper equipment for all disciplines that have scheduled such activities, with license for all necessary software, which enable the carrying out of the disciplines in the curriculum under optimal conditions.
 The Library of the University respectively that of the faculty is equipped with lecture halls and its own book collection according to the disciplines provided in the curricula, on university study cycles and the needed resources for carrying out the activity are provided in the income and expenditure budgets.  Furthermore, within the library, students receive free online access for all the national and international databases.
Those who complete the M.A program may carry out professions such as:
●    secretary foreign relations
●    European civil servant
●    reviewer / adviser of the legislative harmonization
●     mediator,
●    expert in European public administration
●    consultant in European public administration
●    expert in public acquisitions, European business consultant
●    diplomatic consultant
●    researcher in legal sciences,
●    assistant researcher in legal sciences,