Faculty of Law

Bachelor Studies

Field of study: Law
Form of education- Part Time Education
Duration of study - 4 years
Credits: 240
Number of places: 75

Possible career paths
Those who complete the B.A. program may carry out professions such as:
●     attorney,
●     judge,
●     prosecutor,
●     lawyer,
●     notary,
●     bailiff,
●     Legal Adviser,
●     official retriever,
●     mediator,
●     court clerk,
●     insurance expert reviewer,
●     consular agent,
●     Customs Liaison Officer,
●     authorized industrial property adviser,
●     probation officer,
●     Customs expert,
●     cadastral registrar, etc.
The enrollment examination is done according to their own methodology that can be found in the Admissions section.
●    Home
●    Faculty of Law
●    M.A.
●    Criminal Sciences

●    Proper use of concepts, theories, paradigms and methodologies in the legal field
●    Applying the legal techniques and tools
●    Applying the Romanian and European Legislation and other international legal instruments
●    The Interpretation, correlation and comparison of legal institutions within the national law, the European law and the law of other states
●    Applying the required knowledge in the collecting of data and information concerning a specific legal issue
●    Using the effective legislation in the analysis of legal situations, in their proper classification from a legal point of view and their solution

●    The accomplishment of professional tasks, effectively and responsibly, with regards towards the ethical rules specific to the field
●    Applying the techniques of efficient team work (with elements of interdisciplinary) respecting the hierarchy
●    The effective use of communication resources and of information sources and of professional training assistance, both in Romanian and in a language of international usage
Some of the subjects taught within this program are: Constitutional Law and Political Institutions, Civil Law of the People, Administrative Law, Legal I.T., Public International Law, Rhetoric, Criminology, Legal Psychology, Judicial System, Criminalistics, Commercial Law, Labour Law and Social Security, International Protection of Human Rights, Legal Clinic.